The wedding day

The wedding ceremony will be performed by one of these employees of the administration in Bærum municipality: Eirik Lindstrøm, Tone Halvorsen, Anne-Grete Bukier, Stig Olai Kapskarmo, Mette Rambøl, Bente Skåret, Kjersti Flattum Saturday og Øyvind Brandt.

The wedding couple cannot choose which employee will perform the ceremony.

The ceremony takes place on the second floor of the Town Hall, Rådhustorget 2 in Sandvika. There are signs outside showing the way. Please be ready at least 15 minutes before your time for the ceremony.

The wedding couple are allowed to drive into the courtyard of the Town Hall. Guests must park elsewhere.

Please remember to bring valid identification for the bride and groom, which will be checked before the ceremony.

Two witnesses must be present during the wedding ceremony. The witnesses are usually the maid of honor and the best man, but other adults (over 18) can also serve as witnesses.

You are welcome to exchange rings during the ceremony. Please be sure to mention this before the start of the ceremony.

It is possible to make certain changes to the wedding ceremonies by including the reading of poems, songs, music etc. Such amendments must be agreed on in advance. The wedding couple is responsible for all such arrangements.

Please note that there is a time limit of 15 minutes, as there are often several couples getting married on the same day.

Taking pictures and video during and after the ceremony is allowed.

Bærum municipality can conduct the ceremony in Norwegian or in English. This means that both parties must understand either Norwegian or English. 

If the couple getting married does not understand either of these languages, they must inform the municipality and write a comment on the application form noting which language or languages they understand. 

When the ceremony is over, the wedding couple will receive a temporary certificate of marriage. A final certificate will be issued later by the Tax Administration.

Bærum municipality wish you all the best for your wedding day and for your future together.