To apply for a civil ceremony in Bærum, please fill out this application form (pdf). The form, copies of identification and the certificate of no impediment to marriage must be sent to:

Bærum kommune
Politisk sekretariat
Postboks 700
1304 Sandvika

We accept the following forms of identification:

Driver's licence
Bank card with picture and civil registration number (personnummer)

Please submit an application at least two weeks before intended day of marriage.

You may also deliver the application papers in person at the Town Hall in Sandvika. Please make sure the envelope with the above-mentioned documents is marked "Politisk sekretariat – Vigsler."

You may reserve a date and time for your wedding more than four months in advance. To do so, please submit your application form by e-mail to: We will confirm a date after receiving the certificate of no impediment to marriage.