Rules for Sandvika Guest Pier and River Promenade

 1.1. Rules for Sandvika Guest Pier and River Promenade

1.2. Areas of application:

a. The Sandvika Guest Pier stretches from Kalvøybroen bridge to Rigmorbrygge wharf.

b. The River Promenade extends from the north end of Rigmorbrygge wharf up to where the quay front ends.

c. The area is owned, managed, and operated by the Municipality of Bærum.

d. All use of the Sandvika Guest Pier and River Promenade is subject to the acceptance of these rules.

1.3. General provisions:

a. The Sandvika Guest Pier and River Promenade are open from the last Friday before Easter until 15 October. The wharfs may be closed for short periods during organized and announced events.

b. When the owner/master leaves his or her vessel, the contact details of the owner/master must be clearly posted on the vessel. This is done so the owner/master can easily be contacted in the event of an emergency.

c. Vessels or other objects shall not be used or abandoned in such a way as to endanger or inconvenience the use of the waters or harbour.

d. Vessels are not allowed to be moored to couple ("mooring in pairs").

e. The maximum length of stay at Sandvika Guest Pier is two days. Vessels must be absent for at least one day before a new period can commence.

f. It is not allowed to be moored at the River Promenade between 01:00 and 06:00.

g. Municipal septic/sewage emptying stations must not be blocked unnecessarily.

h. Vessels must not block rescue ladders. If this is not practicable, vessels are obliged to hang out their own swimming/rescue ladder. All vessels are encouraged to hang out their ladder in any case. 

i. There shall be night rest in the whole area between 23:00 and 09:00. Music etc. from vessels, regardless of the hour, shall not annoy other users of the area.

j. It is forbidden to refuel while vessels are moored at Sandvika Guest Pier/River Promenade.

k. Barbecue/open fire at Sandvika Guest Pier/River Promenade is prohibited.

l. All persons staying at Sandvika Guest Pier/River Promenade are obliged to follow instructions from the security personnel.

m. Failure to comply with or breach of the rules may result in expulsion.

n. Vessels mooring unlawfully outside opening hours specified in Item A of these Rules shall be invoiced at double the daily rate.

o. Damage caused to the wharf during stay, arrival or departure is the responsibility of the vessel owner/master. Damage must be reported immediately to the Municipality of Bærum via the harbour master.
Phone: 67 50 40 50 or e-mail:

p. In the event of a breach of these rules, vessels may be removed at the owner's expense and risk.

1.4. Payment provisions

a. All vessels mooring to Sandvika Guest Pier/River Promenade shall pay harbour fees in accordance with the current Price List.

b. The vessel owner/master is responsible for the payment of harbour fees. A receipt for payment shall be clearly visible on a vessel or mooring rope.

1.5. Contact information

a. Questions related to these rules or general enquiries should be directed to the Municipality of Bærum by email: