Bærum vaccine centre

NB! Bærum vaccination centre at Fornebu is closed. You can get a corona vaccine at Folkehelsekontoret, the Public Health Office. Address: Kommunegården, Arnold Haukelands plass 10 in Sandvika.

Closed for corona vaccination this summer

Folkehelsekontoret does not offer corona vaccination in weeks 27, 28, 29 and 30.

For questions about booking an appointment for the autumn, please e-mail vaksine@baerum.kommune.no

Information from the Institute of Public Health

The Institute of Public Health (FHI) considers it likely that there will be a recommendation for a further new dose for the elderly in the autumn, before the 2023-24 winter season.

Having had corona gives you good protection in the first months after you have been ill and you can therefore wait for 3-4 months before you are vaccinated with a new dose. The recommended interval since the previous vaccine dose is a minimum of 4 months.

For more informasjon, please visit the FHI website.

General information about coronavirus vaccines


General information about coronavirus and how to prevent infection.