Households in Bærum are required to recycle plastic packaging, such as carrier bags, food wrapping, plastic bottles and containers, and aluminium coloured plastic (such as crisps bags).

These should be rinsed and put in special sacks provided by Norsk Gjenvinning. To obtain sacks please call Norsk Gjenvinning on 22 88 09 18 or 22 88 08 32, alternatively, e-mail

The sacks are collected every three weeks in conjunction with the collection of paper/cardboard. Place the sacks next to your bins the night before collection.

Paper, cardboard and beverage cartons

Recycle paper and cardboard, such as newspapers and magazines, leaflets, paper bags, envelopes, and milk cartons. You do not have to remove staples, plastic screw tops on beverage cartons or windows on envelopes.

Paper and cardboard should be placed in the orange sack, which is collected every three weeks. Remember to place the sack next to your bin the night before collection.

To obtain sacks please call Norsk Gjenvinning on 22 88 09 18 or 22 88 08 32, alternatively, e-mail

Residual waste

Residual waste, such as food waste, nappies and sanitary towels, wet wipes, wrapping paper, glasses and plates, porcelain and ceramics, hard plastics (e.g. kitchen utensils and toys), cold ash and cigarette butts, and rubber, is collected once a week.

Residual waste is placed in 100-litre sacks. To obtain these please call the Transport hub Asker Bærum on 67 17 55 00 or e-mail

Glass and metal

Glass and metal packaging should be taken to special collection points for recycling. Collection points are often found near supermarkets.

Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste should not be mixed in with other waste, as it can lead to serious contamination or danger to humans and animals. It is free to return such items to the reseller, one of the council’s recycling points for dangerous waste or to the Isi reuse and recycling centre.

Examples of hazardous waste are:

  • hair spray aerosols and nail varnish
  • cleaning products
  • paint, varnish, glue and solvents
  • electronic toys and small electrical items
  • batteries
  • light bulbs, fluorescent lights, energy-saving light bulbs
  • pesticides

Clothes and shoes

Organisations Fretex and UFF have collection bins for clothes, shoes, accessories and textiles, throughout the council.

Isi reuse and recycling centre

To the Isi reuse and recycling centre you can bring items such as plaster, mattresses, white goods, electrical items, tyres, sand, and garden waste.

Address: Isiveien 60, 1340 Skui
Phone: 67 17 43 30

Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 7-21
Friday: 7-16
Saturday: 8-16
Closed Sundays, Bank holidays and Easter Eve
Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and Whit Sunday the centre closes at 12.