All children in Norway must attend school for ten years, so called «grunnskole», which comprises primary and lower secondary education.

  • Primary school (1st to 7th grade)
  • Lower secondary school (8th to 10th grade)

Children start school in August of the year in which they turn six.

All public primary and lower secondary education is free.

After completing primary/lower secondary education or similar, young people are entitled to three years of upper secondary education. While the first ten grades of school are a municipal responsibility, upper secondary school is managed by the county administration.

School districts and zones

Bærum kommune is divided into 26 primary school districts and 13 lower secondary school districts. Children have the right to attend the school in the district in which they reside. You may apply for admission to another school, however, placement is contingent upon place availability at the time.


All children registered with the population register will receive information on how to register with a school in October the year in which they turn five. Last day for registration is 1 November.  You will receive confirmation of placement in February.

School bus service

First-graders who live more than two kilometres from their school and children in 2nd-10th grade who live more than four kilometres from their school, have the right to be bussed to and from school. If you choose to send your child to a school outside the school district, you will lose the right to the school bus service.

After-school activity programme (SFO)

Schools provide an after-school programme, called SFO, for children in 1st-4th grades. Please call our service centre, Veiledningstorget, on 67 50 40 50 for information on how to apply.

School healthcare

The school healthcare programme is run by a nurse, a doctor and a physiotherapist at the school. It involves health examinations and follow ups, as well as a vaccination programme. All children in Bærum schools are covered by the school healthcare programme, which also offers counselling and specialist referrals for children with special problems.