Bærum kommune produces approximately 230.000 invoices for almost NOK 1.8 billion each year. Bærum kommune wants to process invoices efficiently and environmentally friendly, and our aim is to send all invoices digitally.

Digital invoices are sent through different channels – as either Avtalegiro (Direct Debit), eFaktura (eInvoice), or to DigiPost (your digital mailbox) - depending on your preferences. If we are unable to get through to you in either of these ways, we will send the invoice as a paper invoice to your home address. However, we urge all our customers to use one of the digital options.

You decide which channel you want to use for invoices. Prior to sending invoices, a lookup is done in a priority order against the different channels.

The order of priority is as follows:

  1. Avtalegiro (Direct Debit)
  2. JTTA eFaktura (always eInvoice)
  3. Digital Postkasse (Digipost)
  4. Paper invoice to your home address

The EHF invoice format is ranked at the top for business customers. The invoice is sent to companies registered as the recipient of Electronic Commerce Format (EHF) in Difi's ELMA register. If your company is not registered in the ELMA register, the invoice will be sent by post.

1. AvtaleGiro/Direct Debit

AvtaleGiro is a service that facilitates automatic account-to-account payment for recurring bills. It is an agreement set up by you through your bank. If you have chosen to receive notifications from your bank when a payment is due, you will be alerted accordingly.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to establish a Direct Debit on behalf of someone else. Consequently, the recipient of the invoice must manually handle the invoices within the online banking system. Bærum kommune has recently updated its invoicing system. As a result, all direct debit agreements should be converted to a new KID number. Unfortunately, some errors may have occurred during this process. If you have not received your invoice, please contact us for a copy.

You can reach us via email at faktura@baerum.kommune.no.
Additionally, we recommend terminating any existing direct debit agreements with Bærum kommune and creating new ones with the updated KID number.

2. eFaktura/eInvoice JTTA
(JTTA=Aways eFaktura )


To receive eFaktura, you must have accepted JTTA in your online bank.

With eFaktura you will receive the invoice in your online banking service. You do not need to fill in long KID-numbers or other payment details. eFaktura is not an automatic payment service, you need to approve the payment. The amount and due date can be changed if necessary. You will receive your eFaktura in any online bank you may use.

3. Invoice in Digipost


To receive an invoice in Digipost, you must have created a digital mailbox at digipost.no. Invoices sent to Digipost are to be regarded as full postal deliveries. To get a mailbox you register at Digipost website.

4. Paper invoice delivered to your home address:

The invoice will be delivered to your home postbox if none of the options 1-3 is selected.

Debt collection / payment reminder

A debt collection notice (dunning letter) will be distributed after payment date has expired. If the collection notice is not paid when due, the invoice is transferred to our debt collection company (Kredinor) for further follow-up.


If you have any questions regarding the invoice content, you may contact the service provider stated in the invoice. If you have other questions concerning your invoice, please contact us by email: faktura@baerum.kommune.no or by phone 67 50 40 50.