The Norwegian parliamentary election will take place on Monday 11 September.

Here you can read about

Advance voting

You are able to vote in advance from Thursday 10 August to Friday 8 September.

Places to vote in advance:

  • Kommunegården in Sandvika
  • Bekkestua library
  • Rykkinn library
  • Fornebu senter

Opening hours:
Monday–Friday 10–25 August 10AM–6PM
Saturday 26 august 10AM–6PM
Monday–Friday 28 August–8 September 10AM–8PM
Saturday 2 September 10AM–6PM

Early advance voting

If you are unable to vote on Election Day or during the advance voting period, you can vote from Monday 3 July.

Where: Kommunegården in Sandvika
When: Monday–Friday 8AM–3PM

You do not need your polling card but remember to bring photo ID.

Election Day 11 September

Polling stations are open 9AM–9PM on 11 September. You can vote at any polling station in Bærum.


Polling station



Bekkestua library

Gamle Ringeriksvei 44, Bekkestua


Eiksmarka school

Niels Leuchsvei 56, Eiksmarka


Grav school

Hosleveien 24, Jar


Jar school

Storengveien 2/4, Jar


Hosle school

Bispeveien 73, Hosle


Høvik school

Gamle Drammensvei 119, Høvik

Høvik Verk

Høvik Verk school

Fjordveien 76, Høvik


Jong school

Jongssvingen 5, Sandvika


Bærum sports centre

Hauger skolevei 36, Rud

Lesterud og Bærums Verk

Mølladammen school

Lommedalsveien 239, Lommedalen


Lommedalen school

Gamleveien 132, Lommedalen

Lysaker og Stabekk

Stabekk vg school

Gamle Drammensvei 15, Stabekk


Løkeberg school

Bærumsveien 340, Haslum


Rykkinn school, Berger

Leirdueveien 74, Rykkinn


Sandvika vg school

Elias Smiths vei 15, Sandvika


Skui school

Ringeriksveien 242, Skui


Hundsund sports centre

Snarøyveien 81, Fornebu


Tanum school

Tanumveien 69, Tanum

As there are limited parking spaces at all polling stations, please use alternative means of transport where possible.

Voting abroad

If you are abroad on election day 11. September, you can vote in advance either in Norway or abroad.

Advance voting abroad is available from Monday 3 July until Friday 1 September. You can vote at most Norwegian embassies and consulates.

You have to make sure you vote early enough for your vote to arrive by regular post in your home council before Tuesday 12 September at 5PM.

You do not need your polling card but remember to bring photo ID.

Who can vote?

Only Norwegian citizens who are over the age of 18 (or who will turn 18 during election year) have the right to vote in the parliamentary election. Each voter must be registered, or have been registered, as a resident in Norway.

From 3 July, you can check the census at the Town Hall, Kommunegården, Bekkestua and Rykkinn libraries, and from 10 August at Fornebu senter.

Polling card

Each voter will be sent a polling card early August. This card will provide you with information about where and when you can vote on Election Day. You do not need to bring your polling cars when you vote, but it may save you time. The polling card is not proof of identity so you must bring photo ID.

Proof of identity

To be able to vote, you must bring a valid photo ID. A passport, drivers licence or bank card with photo are all acceptable as proof of identity.

Electoral lists and candidates

Electoral lists and candidates for Akershus county can be found here (in Norwegian).