Children born in 2010-2016 and those born in 2017 who have reached the age of 5, can be offered corona vaccine.

Children aged 5-11 can be vaccinated with both 1 and 2 doses if they and their parents wish. Vaccination is voluntary.

Vaccine is particularly relevant for:

  • Children with chronic diseases.
  • Families where children have close contact with people with particular need for protection.
  • Children who have an increased risk because they will move to or stay in countries with a higher risk of transmission or poorer access to health services than in Norway, or children who for other reasons live in a very vulnerable situation.

For those who choose the vaccine, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health considers that one dose provides the best benefit-disadvantage balance in this age group.

If dose 2 is given, there should be an interval of 8-12 weeks. Vaccination has the same effect even though there is a longer interval between doses.

More information can be found on the NIPH website.

Consent from parents

For children under the age of 16 who are offered the coronavirus vaccine, parents must consent to vaccination. In the case of joint parental responsibility, both must consent. Children and adolescents under 16 should be consulted, based on age and maturity and their opinion should be given weight. Vaccination is voluntary.

The consent form can be signed digitally or on paper.

The digital consent form must be signed by both parents before the child shows up for vaccination. You must log in with BankID.

Digital consent form (in Norwegian)

If you do not have a BankID or experience problems with signing digitally, you can download and print a consent form below. The consent form must be signed by both parents and presented on the day of vaccination.

Drop-in vaccination

Children 5-11 years are welcome to drop-in vaccination at Fornebu vaccine centre, Forneburingen 51. Drop-in times for vaccination are Tuesday 9 am-8 pm, and Sunday 9 am-3 pm. We ask that one parent comes along on the day of vaccination. Remember to fill out the consent form before you show up.

Do you have questions?

Please call Bærum vaccine centre on 67 50 59 99 (option 1).